Adding Beauty to Function

The home has become a retreat from the fast pace of modern life, and people want their home to be as beautiful as possible. There are many machines that have become part of modern life, but they were not always pleasant to view. Refrigerators, washing machines and even coffee makers have come a long way in the world of design. They are now an important part of the home where function has been turned into part of the design of living.

There are many durable materials that can be used to create a refrigerator façade, and manufacturers have turned to interior designers to make their product look better. While it used to be a functional but ugly appliance that took up space in the kitchen, modern refrigerators have turned into designer pieces that have an appeal unequaled in years past. They now fit into the overall design of the modern kitchen, and they can be centerpieces for the most important room in the house.

Washing machines have often been hidden away in garages and small rooms, and their functionality was their sole grace in the past. While many still prefer to hide their appliances behind closed doors, modern washing machines now add a layer of glamour to their functionality. They can be stacked, matched with a dryer and come in a range of designs and colors. Modern electronics have given them a finished look, and they can proudly take their place within the home.

Old-fashioned percolators used to grace the top of stoves in many homes, but coffee brewing has changed over the last few decades. For those who want their java fast, there are a wide range of options. The manufacturers of coffee makers have come to realize not just any brewer will fit into modern home décor, and they now design their models to look as good as they brew.