Bespoke Tailoring in Skipton, Bradford, Leeds and Yorkshire

From business suits to smart-casual jackets, evening or shooting wear, Pins bespoke garments all feature a level of quality over and above off the shelf garments available from retailers.

Using our Style Options Booklet, we can capture everything you require from your garment from the cut and style of the jacket to the fit and fastenings of the trouser. Please see to the right some of the choices available on a bespoke jacket.

We enable you to make the most from what you wear so that when you walk into a room people notice you. In short we aim to give you the edge.


Celebrating Yorkshire’s wool trade heritage, Pins Bespoke Tailoring work with 100% Yorkshire fabrics woven in our woollen mills. Worsted, cashmere, mohair, jacquards and tweeds feature among hundreds of different fabrics you can choose from.

The Intial Consultancy

During the initial consultation we establish the type of garment and the intended purpose, then suggest options which will complement the client’s figure and personality. Clients can choose the style elements down to the very last detail, right down to pockets, buttonholes and stitching using the Pins Style Options Booklet.

Measured Success

To ensure a perfect fit, many measurements and figuration details are taken initially, with a second fitting after the cloth has been cut and loosely stitched. From start to finish the bespoke service is generally 5-6 weeks.