Pins Bespoke Tailoring produces the highest quality handcrafted British garments for both men and women.Our vision is to create garments of life-long quality, focusing on the individuality of each client. We like to place our emphasis on the attention to detail on every garment. So whether it be a timeless classic, or a contemporary look, our experienced tailors will be able to meet your exact needs.

To get the exact garment you are looking for we offer a complete service a complete bespoke service where you can choose every detail you require. However, if you are unsure about your requirements we offer a style consultancy to help you with your requirements.

Pins Bespoke Tailors in Bradford

Because we understand your need to create the right impression, our tailors in Bradford stop at nothing in producing the right garment for all your needs. When it comes to suits, it can prove challenging sometimes to find perfectly fitting men’s suits and even more so, perfectly fitting women’s suits. Pins Bespoke tailors in Bradford provide the perfect solution for this by stitching your suits according to your size, shape and fabric preference. When it comes to clothing, we believe in quality and perfection. We hand-make your clothes while keeping your measurements and preferences in mind. Once you decide on the fabric, style, colour, pattern and fitting, our tailors will do the rest.

Our tailors in Bradford produce clothing items that are custom-made to the specifications of the buyer. Our tailored garments are measured and fitted to your specifications, thus allowing you absolute control over the amount of fabric used, features, fit and the way in which your garment should be made. Above all, our garments are defined by our high degree of customisation and your involvement as the end user in the production of the garment. Because of our stylish and classy garments, our suits are now renowned the world over. We have a wide array of fabric weights, colours and styles for you to choose from for your own bespoke garment.

You’ll love our full range of the highest quality British cloths and finest linings, as well as the fit and style that is most suitable to you. Our tailors in Bradford offer individually patterned and crafted men’s clothing, which is analogous to women’s haute couture. This is in contrast with mass produced ready-to-wear garments. Unlike the ready-to-war factory made finished clothing in standardised sizes, or the made-to-measure items produced from an adjusted pattern block, our tailors in Bradford cut our garments from patterns drafted from scratch for you. This guarantees that your finished garment will be accompanied by a higher quality construction.

Our garments are almost entirely made through handiwork and the individual cut of a paper pattern. Pins Bespoke tailors in Bradford offer personal service provided by qualified tailors, a wide selection of fabrics and also keep your records to simplify the process for placing orders in future. Our tailors in Bradford believe that bespoke tailoring is a true art and they therefore aim to produce clothing made to your specifications, thus providing you with a splendid experience and a finished product that will not disappoint you. Throughout this process, you will be guided by a qualified tailor to assist you in all the facets of creating the perfect garment for you.

Pins Bespoke tailors in Bradford understand how to best measure you for a precise fit. Thereafter they will go over all the details of your new suit, including the fabric, cut as well as the cover. Pins Bespoke tailors in Bradford will then discuss with you the finer details such as your choice of lapel, silk thread and style of pockets. Thereafter, we’ll begin the art of crafting the perfect garment for you, while working with a pattern created just for you. The beauty of our suits is that for many years to come, they will be a source of pride and comfort to the wearer.

Pins Bespoke tailors in Bradford will inquire about your lifestyle and purpose of the bespoke suit in order to create the perfect garment for you. Thereafter, we will take into account your personal style and personality as we assist you during fabric selection, as well as with all other details. Because our garments are made exactly to the specification and measurements, you end up with attire that truly cannot be compared with off the rack clothing. Nothing feels as comfortable as our bespoke suits. Because your chosen piece is completely custom made, no two pieces are ever alike. Once completed, your garment is guaranteed to feel just like a second skin.

Our garments are both classic and modern all at once, and do not retail at exuberant prices, as per the common misconception about bespoke clothing. Our tailoring is only comparable to fine art.

Our services are now available online and all you need to do is complete an online form from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. Our tailors in Bradford will provide you with exceptional customer service. You may come to us, or our tailors in Bradford may visit you for your measurements and fittings. We prefer to do fittings as often as possible so as to ensure that the end result is perfect for you.

Our tailors in Bradford produce the highest quality handcrafted British garments for both men and women. Our tailors in Bradford focus on the individuality of all our clients in bringing to life our vision for the creation of life-long quality garments. With each and every garment, our emphasis is placed on attention to detail. Whether you are looking for a more contemporary look, or are more comfortable with the more timeless classics, our qualified and professional tailors in Bradford will be able to deliver exactly what you need.

In order to create the exact garment that you require, we offer complete bespoke services that enable you to select each and every detail for your suit. However, in the event that you feel uncertain about your requirements, you will have a style consultant on hand to assist you. Our tailors in Bradford aim at making the entire process of ordering your garment as easy and convenient as possible. For a suit, we may require more than twenty measurements and figuration details to ensure that the end result is entirely unique to you. Our tailors in Bradford meet each of our clients at a location and time that is most convenient to them.

Our tailors in Bradford offer two-piece pure wool suits, three piece pure wool suits, sports jackets, sports trousers, overcoats, two piece dinner suits, pure wool blazers and shirts. If you are looking for a vintage looking sports jacket ideal for university awards and presentations, you may also take advantage of our complementary shirts and cravats to complete your look. All our garments are different and individual to our clients. Our prices therefore vary depending on the style and fabric that you select. Our tailors in Bradford also offer an alterations service for most garments.